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I think people don’t accept imperfection that well. They gawk at it; they stare at it — because it’s curious to them. It’s a shame because there’s so much beauty out there besides beauty.

— One of the subjects of photographer Matt Hoyle’s portraits shares his thoughts on beauty during the photographer’s talk at TEDxDubai.

Above: A selection of portraits from TEDxDubai speaker Matt Hoyles collection, Winter Swimmers. In his talk, “Perfect imperfection,” Matt describes his fascination with presenting the subjects of his portraits as they really are — flawed, interesting, imperfect — rather than trying to obtain the perfect ideal of beauty that we search for when choosing our Facebook profile pictures.

Incredible shoots. The lighting is perfect! Count it, these are some boss ass portraits. #ted photos by Matt Hoyle’s

2013 is going to be a lot of focus back to the skills I was working on when I graduated. Left the art side for a bit. 2012 was a lot of learning the business ropes. Now its time to work on getting better at Screen printing, photography, painting & Web Dev. Boom that’s the plan. I put it out there so I have to do it.